Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition


Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition

Leave No Trace Workshop 22 January 2015


Leave No Trace Trainers Course April 10-12 2015


Working on the Pinhoti Trail
 (Photo by Marty Dominy)
Working on the Pinhoti Trail in winter
 (Photo by Marty Dominy)
Black Mountain
(Photo by Warren Devine)

About Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition (SEFTC)

“Protecting and promoting…”


The Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition (SEFTC) seeks to promote and protect the long-distance foot trails in the Southeast and to connect trails and their natural trail corridors by building a regional trail system and an active network of hiking organizations.


- Interconnect 5,000 miles of trails in the Southeast
- Promote and help establish the Great Eastern Trail (GET) in the Southeast (well under way)
- Coordinate our “No Child Left Inside Program” between trail clubs of offering opportunities for children and youth to have hiking and outdoor experiences
- Provide “Leave No Trace” courses
- Hold a great biennial conference of several days for educational workshops, trail experience sharing, and hiking (held every other year for 14 years).
- Help plan and promote trail communities across the region (first such SEFTC-sponsored event in Blue Ridge, GA, April 13, 2013, in coordination with the Benton MacKaye Trail)
- Work with U.S. Forest Service personnel to overcome certification differences
- Provide joint grant projects with member clubs to enhance trails and hiking*
- Serve as a regional voice for trail and hiker needs

*To this end SEFTC became incorporated in North Carolina in 2012, and is in the final stages of securing the Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 designation in 2013


SEFTC began as an experiment in its first meeting about 15 years ago at Unicoi State Park in Georgia. It was soon made a formal organization growing out of a joint grant as a “first” regional hiking organization with funding for an executive director and office for five years provided by the American Hiking Society and the National Park Service. That grant has since expired, and we have been able to continue on our own through programs and projects provided since entirely by volunteers. The biennial meetings have continued faithfully ever since, moving around several southeastern states. The next one is tentatively scheduled to be the held at the new community center in Blairsville, GA, Thursday through Sunday, September 18-21, 2014.


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